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We are the UK’s leading family activity travel company.

Here at Activities Abroad we offer more than just the usual holiday experience; we have developed an extensive programme of overseas family activity holidays in a number of different countries, featuring a wide range of activities.

From Father Christmas, the Northern Lights and dog sledding in winter to white water rafting, canyoning and kayaking in summer we offer a compelling range of holidays to suit active families.

So, why choose Activities Abroad?

When we started out almost twelve years ago there were very few companies offering family activity holidays. Nowadays, the choice can be bewildering. So why would you choose Activities Abroad above the rest? Here are three very important reasons.


“Besides fantastic activities, we can't rate our guide highly enough, he was 200% committed to us every step of the way, nothing was too much trouble, he thought of everything and he had the patience of a saint! We also appreciated the order of the activities, lazy boat day brilliant for getting used to the temperature, being in & out of the water, building up slowly through the sea kayaking, to the hike, which although challenging in parts was brilliant - especially with the picnic lunch in the local lady's house, what an awesome privilege! Tubing - great fun, gorge walk - great, before the big day on the bikes - wow, my son loved every minute of it being a strong cyclist, but the girls & I appreciated being able to get on/off the bus when the going got a bit tough. We really appreciated the 'extras', such as the tea stop on the hike day, such a rustic, authentic experience which we would never have accessed if it weren't organised for us. Thank you SO SO much, we'll definitely be back. Thanks again.” - Julia Harris - Turkey Active Adventure, August 2013
Customer satisfaction is a good place to start. Last summer, our family activity holidays achieved a 95.8% Overall Satisfaction rating from our clients. In these times of financial austerity, you want to be sure your holiday company is going to deliver and that’s what we do year on year. 
There’s an old adage used by many companies that you can only please some of the people some of the time. We don’t believe in that philosophy, we want a 100% satisfaction rating and we will continue to strive towards that goal.
Our clients, many of whom travel with us year after year are not interested in an unfulfilling two weeks lying on the beach. They want to come home with a wealth of holiday memories and that’s what we provide. Time and time again we talk to contented clients who use phrases along the lines of “the whole family is still talking about last year’s holiday”.
If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a family holiday then you want to be sure that holiday will meet all your aspirations. That’s where we come in.
We Know Activity Holidays
“We had a fabulous holiday. RocRoi are a really smooth run activities provider and we had such fun on the river, highlight was kayaking down whitewater mid lighting storm, very spectacular. Hiking was beautiful and picnic delicious. Mountain biking scenery was breathtaking. We met some lovely people and the kids all got on brilliantly, becoming rather pack-like ....almost feral. Mattias and Thomas our reps were both very friendly, welcoming and helpful. Thomas on the other hand was a real pro. We all felt totally confident with him at the helm. We will definitely be back for one more activities abroad holiday at least before Madgy refuses to come on holiday with her mother at all. Thanks very much for another great holiday. Regards Ady and Magdy” Adreinne Dixon - Catalan Ultimate Activity Holiday, August 2013
"We had a wonderful journey. Special thanks to Annabel, who introduced the package and helped greatly throughout the booking. Without her assistance, and professional service, this couldn't have happened. Special thanks also go to Scotty, our local guide, who is skillful, caring. Most enjoyable activity: Diversity of the activities arranged for each day and tailored by the local guide for the whole family (parents with one son of 19 years old and a daughter of 11 years old). Every activity was enjoyable as each was tailored for a family, not an individual. Front line staff are brilliant. The staff in the small hotel in Kittila were also fantastic." Di Yu - Kittila, April 2013
Here at Activities Abroad, we research and design all of our trips in conjunction with local tourism suppliers. We sleep and eat in the accommodation; we test out all the activities as well as performing stringent safety assessments;  we spend time in the holiday destinations trying out the bars, cafés and restaurants and we get to know the area. 
We’ve been doing this for nearly ten years and have accumulated an unparalleled level of experience in the family activity holiday market. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding any of our holidays then please speak to us. We will be delighted to share our years of accumulated knowledge with you. 

"All activities were really great and enjoyed by all ... Canyoning , White Water Rafting and the Climbing stood out for our family.

The high ropes course is tough but there is a great sense of achievement in completing it. 

Thomas (and his wife) were excellent. A clear focus on safety but also making sure families had a good time. The other guides he works with were great too. The equipment was very good which made canyoning, for example, a really great experience. I felt we were safe and in good hands at all times. We thought he was great and really helped make this an awesome holiday. The driver and bus was very good and efficient at driving us about. The hotel was fantastic - great staff, great food and great area outside."  Paul Norris, Slovenia Level 2, August 2013

"We have had the most amazing holiday and everything was virtually faultless. The owners, staff and guides at Hotel Korpikatano were wonderful, extremely welcoming, and nothing was too much trouble. They provided a fantastic Christmas we will never forget. To make everything just perfect, we saw the northern lights on 3 out of our 6 night stay, and the most spectacular display was on Christmas night. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

We were very pleased to find Activities Abroad and this holiday in particular. It meant that we could do all of the activities that we wanted to do for one inclusive price. On other holidays we looked at, the activities weren't included and once we factored them in, everything seemed to work out a lot more expensive overall. It was very good value for money. The destination and hotel were perfect for our active family, and we'd love to return now in the summer for the midnight sun! One day. Fingers crossed." Lynda Srivener, Menesjärvi, December 2012

Whether it’s the accommodation, the transport or the activities, we have rigorous health and safety measures in place. Every single aspect of your holiday has been through a comprehensive Health and Safety Assessment as have the activity companies we work with in the destination countries. Our activity partners are rarely, if ever, the cheapest but we are simply not prepared to cut corners where our clients’ safety is at stake.