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We are the UK’s leading family activity travel company.

Here at Activities Abroad we offer more than just the usual holiday experience; we have developed an extensive programme of overseas family activity holidays in a number of different countries, featuring a wide range of activities.

From Father Christmas, the Northern Lights and dog sledding in winter to white water rafting, canyoning and kayaking in summer we offer a compelling range of holidays to suit active families.

So, why choose Activities Abroad?

When we started out almost thirteen years ago there were very few companies offering family activity holidays. Nowadays, the choice can be bewildering. So why would you choose Activities Abroad above the rest? Here are three very important reasons.


“Goran and his team are all fantastic. They all go the extra mile to make sure guests are happy and have a great stay. Learning about life near Lulea and the local culture was equally important as the activities for us. We were really lucky to see Northern Lights on several nights. All of the activities were great. Snowmobiling because we had never done it before, and the ice was incredible. Keijo and his partner and their love of dogs was amazing, the route was really varied and the puppies very popular. Tommy the guide in the Nordic skills was a fantastic character too and made the kids day with a lesson around a dead reindeer....and his hunting tales. What was particularly good is that we were all outside our comfort zone at points and there was a decent element of risk but in a safe environment with great guides. Challenging ourselves was good for us and our children. We learnt enough to snowshoe and ice fish on our own as a family. Doing the activities in small groups and the size of the resort meant that we met lots of lovely families and the children all disappeared off to play together in the snow. It was a great safe location and the constant supply of coffee/hot chocolate and biscuits in the bar area v popular. As was the table tennis and colouring stuff for the children when they got cold. Improvements : Please make it clearer on the itinerary that it is subject to change. It didn't bother us, but there were some travelling with us, that were not happy it was not exactly as specified. Some things had to change for safety or logistical reasons. Don't discourage people from staying on at Brandon if there is room. We had a fabulous couple of days unwinding, having a sauna and borrowing additional equipment to do some activities again on our own.” – Sarah Lineham – Lulea Half Term Taster Week, February 2015

Customer satisfaction is a good place to start. Last summer, our family activity holidays achieved a 95.8% Overall Satisfaction rating from our clients. In these times of financial austerity, you want to be sure your holiday company is going to deliver and that’s what we do year on year.

There’s an old adage used by many companies that you can only please some of the people some of the time. We don’t believe in that philosophy, we want a 100% satisfaction rating and we will continue to strive towards that goal.

Our clients, many of whom travel with us year after year are not interested in an unfulfilling two weeks lying on the beach. They want to come home with a wealth of holiday memories and that’s what we provide. Time and time again we talk to contented clients who use phrases along the lines of “the whole family is still talking about last year’s holiday”.

If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a family holiday then you want to be sure that holiday will meet all your aspirations. That’s where we come in.

We Know Activity Holidays

“The local rep, Ricardo, was excellent, plus Luis and Tanya who supported him. Tanya produced delicious local dishes and during the activities, Luis and Ricardo were very patient and friendly, helping us to make the most of the experience. Transfers to and from the airport all ran smoothly too. All in all, a great holiday.  We all had different favourite activities....for me, I enjoyed the day spent in the lagoon, which started with a fun orienteering task and ended with a scary but satisfying 'walk' across a rope bridge over the lagoon. A mix of relaxation and challenge! My 13 year old son enjoyed the surfing afternoon which started with a half day on the beach relaxing with the other kids. This was followed by the surf afternoon, starting with an explanation of how to stand up on the surfboard after which we had two hours to practice ourselves in the sea. Finally, my husband's favourite day was the climbing day, which included a climb up a rocky face, then an abseil down the other side. In the afternoon, after another lovely lunch, we zip wired down another drop. Everything ran very smoothly and made for a fantastic, stress free holiday. It was great to see the group of kids all getting on so well and supporting each other and generally having a good time.” - Carol, Colin & Luke Nesbitt, Portugal – The Alentejo Coast, August 2014

Here at Activities Abroad, we research and design all of our trips in conjunction with local tourism suppliers. We sleep and eat in the accommodation; we test out all the activities as well as performing stringent safety assessments;  We spend time in the holiday destinations trying out the bars, cafés and restaurants and we get to know the area.

We’ve been doing this for nearly ten years and have accumulated an unparalleled level of experience in the family activity holiday market. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding any of our holidays then please speak to us. We will be delighted to share our years of accumulated knowledge with you.


"The family had a fantastic holiday in Bad Hindelang. The hotel accommodation and food was excellent and the post dinner hotel entertainment great fun. The activities were well organised with accomplished instructors who made everyone feel comfortable and capable. Safety was always at the top of the agenda which was reassuring and gave us all confidence. Very hard to make our minds up and select a favourite activity - we loved the rafting, canyoning, high wires and kayaking." - Andrew, Alison, Harriet & Jamie Redington, Bavarian Alps, July 2014

"This was the best holiday I have been on in a long time. The activities were well-organised, safe and fun. We were very lucky on our trip. We were all complete strangers and got along very well. We had all signed up to do all the activities. Every activity was great. The kids were very happy. It was also down to our very capable and patient guide, Goyo, who cannot be recommended enough. He took very great care with my 7 year-old son and got him through Hells Canyon (Inferno), safely. I would never have trusted anyone else to do that. I was quite prepared to miss out as he was too young but Goyo looked me in the eye and told me he would get him down and he did. My son loved it and is now at the age of 7.5 very much an adrenaline junkie. Sort is an amazing destination. It was like Yosemite but much easier to get to everything. In Yosemite it’s really hard to stay close to the valley and the accommodation options are limited. There is so much to do in Sort and everyone is working related to some aspect of the tourism in the area and so has a very relaxed, outdoors feel to it. I am very impressed and will come back." - Angela Tsen, Catalan Ultimate Activity Holiday, August 2014

Whether it’s the accommodation, the transport or the activities, we have rigorous health and safety measures in place. Every single aspect of your holiday has been through a comprehensive Health and Safety Assessment as have the activity companies we work with in the destination countries. Our activity partners are rarely, if ever, the cheapest but we are simply not prepared to cut corners where our clients’ safety is at stake.