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Sarah Harraghy

(Reviewed August 20, 2014)

This was our third Activities Abroad holiday so expectations were high and we weren't disappointed. It's fair to say that for us, the activities were not as exciting as previous holidays. However, we knew this before we went, and this was more than compensated by two unexpected highlights. Firstly, the town of Kas is a wonderful place to spend two weeks (we extended for a week). It delighted us with it's charming old streets, interesting shops, wonderful restaurants, and friendly locals. The beach clubs were great fun for the kids who spent ages diving in to the sea off the rocks. Secondly, the hotel was by far the best that we have stayed in with Activities Abroad. As a family hotel, it was spacious, friendly, efficient, and the pool areas were great for the kids ranging from 9yrs to 16yrs. We felt relaxed, indulged and very comfortable.

As we have come to expect, our hosts, Karen and Mike were very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable about Turkey as a whole having lived there now for 20years. Everything was brilliantly organised, efficient and reasonably priced. And again, we really enjoyed the company of everyone in our group. This was a particularly good group so thanks to the other families (you know who you are) for the laughs, stories, and even some "Dad dancing"!

Just one pleasure after another all holiday. Heaven!

Julia Harris

(Reviewed September 2, 2013)

We ALL had the most fantastic holiday. My son's top activity was scuba diving which although you didn't offer our guide arranged for us to do on our free day, my favourite was the tubing, one of my daughters enjoyed the lazy boat day best, the other hasn't been able to decide her 'top one', my husband would have loved the mountain biking, but sadly he had a tummy bug and couldn't participate - he was gutted, poor man.

I don't think we had any least enjoyable activities, even those which people thought they might not enjoy they did once they got into it. I suppose having done white water rafting and hydrospeeding in Morzine we found the tubing a bit tame, but that would be our only comment - it's a different environment we appreciate that.

The whole experience was totally amazing.

Besides fantastic activities, we can't rate our guide, Osgar highly enough, he was 200% committed to us every step of the way, nothing was too much trouble, he thought of everything and he had the patience of a saint! We also appreciated the order of the activities, lazy boat day brilliant for getting used to the temperature, being in & out of the water, building up slowly through the sea kayaking, to the hike, which although challenging in parts was brilliant - especially with the picnic lunch in the local lady's house, what an awesome privilege! Tubing - great fun, gorge walk - great, before the big day on the bikes - wow, my son loved every minute of it being a strong cyclist, but the girls & I appreciated being able to get on/off the bus when the going got a bit tough. We really appreciated the 'extras', such as the tea stop on the hike day, such a rustic, authentic experience which we would never have accessed if it weren't organised for us. Thank you SO SO much, we'll definitely be back. (It's my 50th birthday and our 25th Wedding Anniversary next year - already thinking how and where we might celebrate, been looking for an Adult Summer break, but you understandably concentrating on the winter season first). Will keep in touch. Thanks again. Julia

Tracey Podger

(Reviewed August 23, 2013)

Toby, (13) and his Dad would say tubing was the most enjoyable, because it was relaxing and exciting at the same time...and an activity they hadn't experienced before. I would say sea kayaking, the water was the most amazing colour and it enabled us to visit parts of Turkey we wouldn't have been able to do without crossing water. Lunch in a villagers house and the picnic on the mountain bike day were also very special additions and hugely enjoyable. Although to be's almost impossible to say which was the most enjoyable...they were all fantastic.

Everything was so well organised and planned, a really good combination of adventure; challenge and relaxation. It was excellent in every way!

Helen Holmes

(Reviewed June 24, 2013)

Our holiday in turkey was superb. We all had different favourite (activities) but for me the best day was the mountain biking. I will never forget cycling out of the woodland down into a beautiful mountain pasture and seeing an enormous eagle circling overhead; it took my breath away. Nor will I forget nearly coming off my bike as I swerved to avoid a tortoise on the path! And it goes without saying that the downhill run to the end was awesome. (I think there should be an option to load all the bikes up and go to the top to do it again!) My kids loved the canyoning day; especially as for probably the first time ever they were told firstly to roll around in a mud bath, and then later that it was ok to fall in the stream and get wet! One of the highlights though for all of us was the lunch on the walk at the village house. We all felt privileged to be invited into the lady's home; she could not have been more welcoming and the food, though simple, was delicious.

Karen, Mike and all the guides were superb and we have all come away saying it is the best and most relaxing (!!) holiday we have ever had. My husband and I felt that we completely switched off which is unusual, and the indicator of that was that neither of us had a clue what day it was most of the time and had to use the activity brief to remind us!! We did wonder actually why lunch was not included on the tubing day. It wasn't an issue and the restaurant was lovely; but making it a lunch included day would have just seemed easier ( and even less to think about!).

I cannot stress enough how much was have all enjoyed our holiday in Kas. We got home last night at 7pm and I was looking in the brochure for our next adventure by 9pm! This trip had totally changed our outlook on holidaying; we are quite an independent and active family and were unsure how we would feel about being on a a group organised holiday. Our worries were unfounded however. It was a pleasure to have everything organised for us; and to such a high standard. The other family on our trip were similar like-minded people and our kids were firm friends by the end of the week. Karen and Mike were superb hosts and were always on hand to ensure we were ok. The other guides were great, and it was wonderful to spend time with "local" people who know the area and are passionate about their jobs rather than package holiday reps who are often just passing on the standard holiday info. We felt we learnt about the town, the country and the area as well as just enjoying the beautiful surroundings. We had 3 days with Mike who in particular was a fount of knowledge and never tired of the endless questions from both adults and children. Kas is a real find; my only regret was that we could not stay longer and explore the area a bit more. We felt totally at home in the town and the people were extremely friendly.

Steven Dowdell

(Reviewed August 31, 2012)

The best day for the whole family was the tubing and gorge walk especially the mud bath, great fun. This was the physically demanding day and the whole group laughed from beginning to end.

There wasn't really an activity that we didn't enjoy, the sea Kayaking was demanding and the hike took 2 hours longer than most other groups take to do it. We were very lucky with the other families we were with as we all got on and helped each other through the activities.

Karen and Mike were fantastic; they went that extra mile to ensure that the holiday ran smoothly. The guides were also fantastic, we mainly had one guide called Tim he was brilliant with the kids, the children will have some wonderful memories of the whole trip but especially of Tim.  

Susan Edwards

(Reviewed August 29, 2012)

The group mountain-biking was great - fresh air, lovely scenery, good physical exercise and fresh air. Also, on our second "extra" week, when my son and I wanted to visit an inland mountain village, see some village and mountain sights and do some climbing, there was no other interest from colleagues in accompanying my son and me for a group trip. So Mike and Karen, your local reps, planned a tailor-made day out for us. Nothing was too much trouble for them in arranging our travel, drawing a little map, advising things to do, see, wear, and eat; we had an amazing day out exploring the mountains, lake, water-falls, stream sources, pastures, picnicking and meeting local mountain people.

All local reps and tour guides were brilliant: patient, knowledgeable, good-natured and inclusive. 

Julie Purvis

(Reviewed August 22, 2012)

As I'd read on Trip Adviser, the hotel rooms were a little tired and small. Having said that, the air con worked the shower was good, the staff were friendly and helpful and the public areas of the hotel were lovely, including the pool. Your local reps, Karen and Mike were great hosts - knowledgeable, helpful and always around when you needed them! All the guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and fun.

My kids (girls, 17, 15, 11) would probably say the last day - tubing and gorge walk (the description "gorge walk" makes this activity sound tame - it was anything but!).

It was brilliant!  

Elaine Akam

(Reviewed August 22, 2012)

We had a fantastic time in Turkey. The age mix was just right with older and younger teenagers so everyone could find a companion. The activities were just right for the temperature with lots of breaks and opportunities for drinks. Kas was a lovely bustling town with lots going on in the evening. We enjoyed everything and had no favourite activities. 

Sheenagh Broadbent

(Reviewed August 20, 2010)

We are now well qualified to review this holiday, having done it 3 times! We love Kas - it is such a friendly and welcoming place and somewhere we feel our 3 teenage sons are safe to roam in the evenings and have that bit of freedom from mum and dad. This holiday is so well organised - from the smiling face of Murat at the arrival in Dalaman, to the delicious food at the welcome meal overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean, to the safety briefs on all the activities. New things to us this year were the lunch with a local family at the end of the hike, being served traditional stuffed pancakes and fruit in an authentic setting. Also a different restaurant for lunch on the sea-kayaking day, with a greater choice of cold starters than previous years. Karen and Mike were as welcoming as ever and the guides were just great - we love the humour of Murat, Murat and Bayram and their amazing knowledge of everything! The other families were all great and the boys have come home with a mass of new friends on Facebook! So...will we go back again? I'm quite sure we will!

Diane Scott

(Reviewed August 25, 2009)

Overall Holiday Rating: Excellent. We had a wonderful holiday. Everyone from me, who usually likes to lounge around the beach reading, to my husband, who likes haring around on mountain bikes at 70kph, and the children: a brave and sporty 10 year old boy and a girly but active 8 year old girl had a fabulous time. Whatever the activity we were all catered for. The guides/reps (Mike, Karen and Byran) were brilliant: It was more like having a knowledgeable friend with us than a rep. We're already recommending the holiday to everyone. Most enjoyable activity? We'd all probably say something different but we loved all of them. The boys enjoyed racing down the mountains on the bikes (over-taking cars). Willow enjoyed rafting down the river with her friends tied together on tractor tyres (time to chat and scream as they went over the rapids - girly heaven). I loved the walk through the incredibly beautiful and peaceful countryside - just stunning. And we all loved the lazy boat day - which was a great way to get to know everyone in the group, get a bit of sun and see lots of sea life. Andy loved the gorge walk because of the feeling of adventure as we scrambled up through the water covered rocks. Your comments? A totally fabulous holiday. Thank you.

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