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Given all the media coverage surrounding the Northern Lights over the last twelve months you might be forgiven for thinking that you have missed out on seeing Nature’s wondrous light show at its very best.

Despair not!

We haven’t even reached Solar Maximum yet which means that during the next two winters you are even more likely to witness spectacular and frequent displays of the Northern Lights.

To celebrate, we have launched some fantastic Family Aurora Hunting Trips which include exciting activities such as husky safaris, snowmobile-pulled sleigh rides, visits to a reindeer farm, Aurora hunting by minibus and so much more.

However, if your children are more interested in the big man in red than the fabulous light show that is the Aurora Borealis, we have some fantastic Father Christmas Holidays too.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone with firsthand experience, please call us now on 01670 785 074.

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The activities during our Aurora Adventure are designed to ensure you experience the very best of Lapland during both the day and night.

There are thrilling husky rides, encounters with reindeer, days in the wilderness and many Northern Lights adventures designed to keep the whole family busy and maximize your chances of seeing nature’s very own celestial light show.


The atmosphere here is extremely friendly and you really feel like part of the family. The lodge is located 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle, near the small town of Kangos in Sweden.

This location, right on the banks of the frozen River Lainio, is idyllic for a family Father Christmas adventure but also has the added bonus of a fantastic Northern Lights record.

We have incorporated an Aurora search into the itinerary so fingers crossed you will be lucky during your stay here!


Jeris encapsulates the Lapland dream: cosy winter cottages, log fires, a beautiful lakeside setting, spa facilities, deep snow and a fantastic range of activities.

It's the best place we know for combining comfort and adventure.  
The Aurora Zone

Northern Lights Holidays for adults only.

Take a look at our sister company (The Aurora Zone) where you will see a wide variety of Northern Lights holidays varying from 'leisurely' to 'very active'.

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