The ICEHOTEL® is constructed each year from the thick ice of the Torne River. The reception desk, the ABSOLUT ICEBAR®, the beds, the tables and even the glasses are constructed from this pure ice. Only the best artists get the chance to work at the ICEHOTEL® and help create some of the world's most unique bedrooms and bars. The hotel is a combination of ice engineering and fine art.

The inside temperature of between -5°C and -8°C is constant despite the conditions outside and is counteracted by your thermal clothing. If you choose to stay overnight then thick reindeer skins and an expedition grade sleeping bag certainly see off any fears about being chilly. There is also a very cosy sauna if you do get cold. The whole family can stay at the ICEHOTEL® however we do not recommend the experience for very young children.

You have three cold accommodation choices (ice rooms/design suite/art suite) at the ICEHOTEL®. Whichever you choose you are provided with an expedition grade sleeping bag and will be awoken with a cup of hot berry juice before breakfast and a sauna.

If you don't want to stay overnight at the hotel then a guided tour is a great experience without forgoing the comfort of your warm accommodation. 

Whether you stay overnight or go for a guided visit you will be secure in the knowledge that you have seen a modern spectacle that only the privileged few will get to view. Remember, come the Spring thaw the whole structure will again be reduced to its original state....water!

Lainio Snow Village
Each year it takes around 1000 truck loads of snow to create the Snow Village. This magnificent complex constructed from ice and snow changes shape every year but the artistry, handicraft and breathtaking design always leaves a lasting impression.

The Snow Village covers an area of approximately 7,500 square metres and consists of a restaurant, bar, lobby, hotel rooms and suites. For 2008/09 the plan is to build 20 igloo rooms and 10 ornately decorated suites as well as an ice chapel.

An overnight stay in one of the bedrooms or a suite is an unforgettable experience. Regardless of the weather outside the temperature inside is always between 0 and -5°C.

You will sleep on specially insulated mattresses (they used to use reindeer skins but they begin to smell after a while!!) and be provided with expedition grade sleeping bags. And, if that is not enough, you can always retreat to the comfort of the warm safety room.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel
This hotel recently won a national award for Design Excellence across Norway yet it remains completely un-commercialised with only 30 bedrooms. The hotel has a different theme each year and all of the rooms are uniquely designed around this. In 2010 the theme was water and the sculptures and lighting portrayed this fantastically.

The whole hotel measures approximately 2000 square meters and is kept at a temperature of between -4 and -7 degrees. At night you sleep on an ice bed, covered with reindeer skins wrapped up snug in arctic graded sleeping bags which are recommended for use in temperatures down to -30!

There is a warm and a cold restaurant for you to choose between both equipped with a full bar, alternatively you could spend your evening in the outdoor hot tubs gazing at the sky hoping for the Northern Lights to appear. Don’t worry; the sauna is warmed from 7 in the morning, we highly recommend this as a way to start your day!

Hotel Kakslauttanen

Kakslauttanen is about getting away from it all and certainly isn’t the place if you’re looking for wild nightlife. Our advice is to take a good book and revel in the peace and quiet of your log cabin. But don’t forget to pop your head out the door and look skyward from time to time, we don’t want you missing the Aurora!

In a central log building you’ll find reception, a small souvenir shop and the main restaurant. From there, all snowy
paths lead to the log cabins, the snow igloos and the hugely popular (and warmer) glass igloos. Amongst the different accommodation you’ll find the world’s largest smoke sauna, a wedding chapel and ice bar.

Kakslauttanen Log Cabins

There are 40 very cosy and comfortable cabins here at Kakslauttanen. We recommend the “standard” cabins which vary in size making them suitable for groups of two to ten people. Each cabin has an open plan kitchenette and lounge area with fireplace, shower/toilet room, bedroom or bedrooms and sauna.

Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos

Fabulous idea! Take an isolated site in the Aurora Zone and build glass igloos with unbelievable views of the Arctic night sky. Even better, use special thermal glass that ensures the igloos stay at a comfortable room temperature and prevents the windows from frosting over. Each igloo has two luxury beds with remote control positioning (so you can prop yourself up to watch the Aurora) and a discreet toilet and wash room.

Kakslauttanen Snow Igloos

For a slightly more extreme bedtime why not try a snow igloo? As the name suggests, they are built entirely from snow but the temperature inside is always between -3°C and -6°C. However, everything has been done to make sure that you remain warm as you’ll be provided with a down sleeping bag, woollen socks and a hood.