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Why not talk to a genuine travel expert?  We invest considerable time and money in sending our staff to our destinations.  We experience the activities, we stay in the accommodation, we inspect the kitchens and we get to know the area thoroughly.

There is no substitute for experience and we have experience in buckets!  Please click here to find out about our personal experiences or click here to view our blog.

Alistair Mclean - Activities Abroad Alistair Mclean - Activities Abroad

Favourite Winter Destination:

Favourite Winter Activity:
Night time snowmobile to the summit of Olos Fell from Jeris in Finnish Lapland

Favourite Summer Destination:
Catalan Pyrenees

Favourite Summer Activity:
White Water Rafting in Sort, Catalan Pyrenees

Ali McLean

Ali founded Activities Abroad way back in 1999 after telling his last boss where to stick his job! Not surprisingly, he woke up the next day and found himself unemployed.

Undaunted, he sat down with a piece of paper and wrote down a list of what he wanted to do with his life. The first two items on the list were: Travel and Adventure Sports. That's where it all started.

His plan to travel extensively was somewhat scuppered when his wife, totally irresponsibly, became pregnant. Not once but twice! Ali now claims that his plan has gone fundamentally wrong as it is his employees rather than himself who get to do most of the travelling these days. Regardless, he has Daisy and Archie as compensation.

Nevertheless, Ali has managed to mark up an impressive range of destinations over the years.


Countries of expertise:

FinlandFranceItalyNorwayPortugalSloveniaSpainSwedenTurkeyUnited Kingdom

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