Steven Saunders

Croatia Adriatic Family Adventure

(Reviewed September 14, 2014)

This holiday is great for active and energetic families. A couple of the days are long but the rewards are worth it. Our guides, Rosie and Filip had a passion to ensure we all enjoyed the week and nothing was too much trouble. Novigrad is a quaint little fishing village which offers a great location to swim and relax when not on the activities.

Angela Tsen

Catalan Pyrenees The Ultimate Activity Holiday

(Reviewed September 1, 2014)

This was the best holiday I have been on in a long time. The activities were well-organised, safe and fun. We were very lucky on our trip. We were all complete strangers and got along very well.  5 families, 9 children. Every activity was great. The kids were very happy. It was also down to our very capable and patient guide, Goyo, who cannot be recommended enough. He took very great care with my 7 year-old son and got him through Hells Canyon (Inferno), safely. I would never have trusted anyone else to do that. I was quite prepared to miss out as he was too young but Goyo looked me in the eye and told me he would get him down and he did. My son loved it and is now at the age of 7.5 very much an adrenaline junkie.

Sort is an amazing destination. It was like Yosemite but much easier to get to everything. In Yosemite its really hard to stay close to the valley and the accommodation options are limited. There is so much to do and everyone is working related to some aspect of the tourism in the area and so has a very relaxed, outdoors feel to it. I am very impressed and will come back.

Canyoning is the most exciting and  compelling activity. To get to the canyon we had to pull ourselves over on the wire suspended over the river or jump into the river  - was it a 7.5m jump or higher and climb out! Barranco el infierno is just amazing and as good as we were told it would be. Even without abseiling down through the Cave because there was too much water and it was too dangerous was fabulous. Also it does mean that I will have to do it again so I can do the Cave properly. It was like being on a film-set. And being told to jump from a 5m jump - I am sure it was higher than that was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. And everyone did it!

My son really enjoyed the horse-riding. I have to say that Marta from Hipica les Vernedes was superb. She ran along all the way of our 5k ride, making sure the children were ok and safe, instructing us all the way in perfect English. Her team were great and her knack of matching rider to horse making sure that the horse was not too unruly for the first-time rider was very well-done.

Goyo is amazing, organised and thorough. Everyone warmed to him and trusted him straightaway. That's very important when hanging from a rope in the middle of a narrow gorge. He is a big guy and looks like a character from Games of Thrones. He joined us on every activity as he loves it all. His patience when dealing with all the 9 kids and their various food requirements at dinner was enormous. He was safe and clear in all instruction and planning throughout our week. 

White-water rafting is enormous fun. The company Rocroi (who do all the water activities ) is well-organised, the friendly guides speak English, Catalan and Spanish. It works out much better value to book as a group through Activities Abroad. Travelling and doing it individually is a lot more expensive and you don't get the chance to work together as a group. Sitting in a raft with a bunch of complete strangers who don't speak English is just not the same. We had such good support and friendships within the group. Every day was exciting and we all looked out for one another and to the activity that day. Cheering and shouting over the rapids and jumping into the river was cold and exhilarating at the same time.

I cant wait to look at the holidays for summer 2015. We (the group) might have to stay in touch to relive our adventures all over again!  And did I mention the restaurants in Sort? Really good food and really good value. From the hip and trendy to Catalan traditional food, meat and more meat and it is all within walking distance. The kids playground is between the hotel and the restaurants. After dinner the kids could safely go on their own (9 kids from 15 to 7) while the grown-ups enjoyed the fine wine Spanish red wine.

Sarah Harraghy

Turkey Active Adventure

(Reviewed August 20, 2014)

This was our third Activities Abroad holiday so expectations were high and we weren't disappointed. It's fair to say that for us, the activities were not as exciting as previous holidays. However, we knew this before we went, and this was more than compensated by two unexpected highlights. Firstly, the town of Kas is a wonderful place to spend two weeks (we extended for a week). It delighted us with it's charming old streets, interesting shops, wonderful restaurants, and friendly locals. The beach clubs were great fun for the kids who spent ages diving in to the sea off the rocks. Secondly, the hotel was by far the best that we have stayed in with Activities Abroad. As a family hotel, it was spacious, friendly, efficient, and the pool areas were great for the kids ranging from 9yrs to 16yrs. We felt relaxed, indulged and very comfortable.

As we have come to expect, our hosts, Karen and Mike were very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable about Turkey as a whole having lived there now for 20years. Everything was brilliantly organised, efficient and reasonably priced. And again, we really enjoyed the company of everyone in our group. This was a particularly good group so thanks to the other families (you know who you are) for the laughs, stories, and even some "Dad dancing"!

Just one pleasure after another all holiday. Heaven!