Helen Gelder

Nellim Family Aurora Adventure at New Year

(Reviewed January 22, 2015)

The guides for the activities were amazing, very knowledgeable and helpful. This enabled us to notch up some new skills and experiences, from chopping firewood to various cross-country skiing techniques. Probably one of our best activity holidays to date. Mattais even helped me to use my camera to get pictures of the Northern lights without a tripod and without being able to manually focus the lens (it does have a manual setting though). We even have a picture of us as a family in the foreground.

Vera Hull

Lulea Father Christmas Adventure

(Reviewed January 9, 2015)

We took our 2 boys aged 4 and 7 to Lulea for a winter adventure.

Arriving at the airport, the magic started when they saw the snow. They dived straight in, which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the trip! The youngest couldn't remember ever having seen snow, so to be knee deep in the white stuff was quite the adventure already!

The accomodation was very nice. The cabins were decorated for Christmas, which was a lovely touch. They were heated well, so we were comfy and cosy. There was a kettle with tea, coffee and hot chocolate available, which was very welcome after a day out in the snow.

We were lucky to arrive when we did, as they did a Smorgasbord that evening. Lots of amazing special food to try. I have never seen fish prepared in so many different ways and all so tasty!

The first activity we did was snow shoe walking. We got our snow shoes fitted and then we went for a walk in the woods, which looked like we'd gone through the wardrobe and had ended up in Narnia. We stopped off in a clearing and learned how to make a fire. The children helped shovel snow to create a fire pit and they gathered moss (called old man's beard) to start the fire. 

The afternoon was free and the children all gathered round a slope next to the restaurant to go sledging. There were plenty of sledges of all varieties provided and they had a fantastic time.

When we got back to the cabin, we wrote a letter to Santa and posted it in the special Santa post box outside the restaurant.

In the evening the parents had a lovely 3 course meal served and the children were taken out after their meal for some winter games. They were impressed to be wearing head torches!

The next day we went to see the huskies in the morning. this was to be the highlight of the trip for us. It's quite something to hear a team of huskies barking and yelping, ready to go. And then the quiet when they get their way and you're finally up and running! We spent an hour going through woods and over frozen lakes. My eldest even had a chance to go on the back with me. He felt very special! Afterwards, we were invited inside for a hot drink, some lovely cakes and a cuddle with 3 adorable puppies. They were only 3 weeks old but so full of energy! All children loved them and the adults made sure they got a few cuddles in too!

In the afternoon we went out on a sleigh pulled by snowmobile to see Santa. After a brief ride over the lake we came to a lovely cabin, with a path lit by torches. When we climbed up, we were invited in and there he was! The boys were impressed and a bit nervous. They thought it was amazing that Santa knew about their karate and their swimming badges. 

Then it was time for our last dinner and a bit more sledging for the children to round off this amazing trip. But we had some luck that night, as we managed to see the elusive Northern Lights shine out over the frozen sea! WE had no camera at the ready, but the memory of it will certain not be forgotten.

The next morning it was time to go back and after a brief detour by bus past the harbour in Lulea to see the ice breakers, it was back to the airport and fly home to England for Christmas.

We had an amazing time and even now the boys still say they miss Sweden and ask when we're going back!

Clare Sharp

Menesjärvi Family Northern Lights Hunt at New Year

(Reviewed January 7, 2015)

This was a truly amazing holiday that we all thoroughly enjoyed. The activities were brilliant as were the guides. We are already thinking about booking a summer holiday with activities abroad as everything was just taken care for us. Everything was brilliant but the husky ride was a once in a life time activity. Also seeing the Northern Lights dance.