Sarah Harraghy

Turkey Active Adventure

(Reviewed August 20, 2014)

This was our third Activities Abroad holiday so expectations were high and we weren't disappointed. It's fair to say that for us, the activities were not as exciting as previous holidays. However, we knew this before we went, and this was more than compensated by two unexpected highlights. Firstly, the town of Kas is a wonderful place to spend two weeks (we extended for a week). It delighted us with it's charming old streets, interesting shops, wonderful restaurants, and friendly locals. The beach clubs were great fun for the kids who spent ages diving in to the sea off the rocks. Secondly, the hotel was by far the best that we have stayed in with Activities Abroad. As a family hotel, it was spacious, friendly, efficient, and the pool areas were great for the kids ranging from 9yrs to 16yrs. We felt relaxed, indulged and very comfortable.

As we have come to expect, our hosts, Karen and Mike were very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable about Turkey as a whole having lived there now for 20years. Everything was brilliantly organised, efficient and reasonably priced. And again, we really enjoyed the company of everyone in our group. This was a particularly good group so thanks to the other families (you know who you are) for the laughs, stories, and even some "Dad dancing"!

Just one pleasure after another all holiday. Heaven!

Mark Escott

Costa Rica Active Adventure

(Reviewed August 19, 2014)

Our family has unanimously voted this Costa Rica trip as our "best holiday ever".  Our tour guide, Mariella, was extraordinary.  So knowledgable, so professional and so much fun!  Costa Rica is a wonderful and inspiring country, a model to the rest of the world.  We saw it in so many dimensions - the people, the wildlife, the culture, the geography.  Our two sons, 14 and 12, had the time of their lives whilst learning so much about the world - a bumper geography field trip which will stay with them (and us) for years to come.  When it came to the end of our adventures with Mariella and Roy (our driver) our 14 year old summed up the sentiment in saying "This is awful, it's like saying goodbye to your family".  If you are even thinking about this trip we would urge you to go - it was brilliant!  The Escott family

Stephen Lee

Croatia Plitvice Lakes

(Reviewed August 11, 2014)

The Plitvice lakes are indescribably beautiful and no photo can possibly do them credit. Yes, there were lots of people but nothing could detract from the utter beauty, colour and magic of the place.

The lakes apart, my favourite day was on Zrmanja River where we felt we were the only people there on the azure blue water with the kingfishers. There is excitement with the falls and rapids but nothing frightening or dangerous. The frightening and, to me dangerous, day was the trip down Mreznica river. The children age 14 & 16 just loved this day. Leaping off 9m drops into the water and bombing over 3m waterfalls in the kayaks was their idea of heaven. There was one 8yr old boy who just couldn't keep the massive grin off his face especially when he managed the 9m jump.

The water rafting down River Una was utterly beautiful especially at the beginning. Unfortunately there was a storm in the offing so we didn't manage the swimming or jumping from a bridge but it was still a marvellous day.

The cycling day was in torrential rain which made it very memorable. Barac caves were good but what we really enjoyed was home-made lunch provided by a family under an awning to keep the rain off. The lemonade was gorgeous and we drank gallons, lovely.

I must now add a word for the guides. Our main guide, Slaven, who we had throughout, was marvellous. He was easy company, got us everywhere at the best possible times and very safety conscious. I trusted him when he was about to tip me over what felt like a 30m waterfall (was only 3m) which is quite amazing! The other guides we had, both in Bosnia (River Una) and Croatia were friendly, approachable and fun. I couldn't fault anyone.

One word of warning to vegetarians. This is a meat loving nation so though vegetations are catered for the imagination is lacking!

I would recommend this holiday to anyone.