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Where can I go to experience rock climbing and abseiling?

Each rock face is unique and generally there are a number of routes with different degrees of difficulty for you to challenge yourself. In some locations rock climbing and abseiling are done separately, whilst in others they are done together – climb up, then abseil back down!

We feature rock climbing and abseiling in many of our locations, allowing you to experience this fun filled activity as a family, but also have a chance to enjoy some wonderful views and scenery.

Gozo, our Maltese destination, is annually one of our most celebrated destinations for rock climbing and abseiling.

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This is down to the combination of excellent local guides and the excellent routes that you will enjoy as a family.

Of course it helps that you get to enjoy some incredible views of the Mediterranean vista once you reach the top. After a chance for a well-deserved rest you will then get to enjoyably abseil back down.

If you want a climbing and abseiling a little closer to home out Lake District experience is a popular choice and even if they typically British weather prevails, Keswick is home to an excellent indoor climbing wall.

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What you need to know

Whilst undertaken as a group activity it can also be said that rock climbing and abseiling are personal challenges both physically and mentally.

Psychologically you have to potentially overcome trepidation about height, but it also requires a bit of mental agility to calculate the best route to propel yourself higher up the rock face.  Time and speed are the essence as the longer you stay still the more the pull of gravity will tire you.  There is always more than one way and the challenge is to pick the best route for you. The guides will of course be there too to point you in the right direction and can adapt their instructions to suit.

Physically it helps of course to be nimble which is why children tend to excel, but not all rock climbers are  and you will be surprised how good some people are at this regardless of body shape. 

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The fundamental key to successful rock climbing is momentum. 

If you can sustain momentum you can continue much longer and momentum is generated by both arms and legs.  The hands find the holds and the legs drive you upwards defying gravity as you go.

There is always the reassurance that you are in good hands supervised by an experienced guide who is in complete control.  Become too tired to carry on or slip and you simply dangle in the air as you are gently lowered back to the solid ground!

Abseiling perhaps requires less mental calculation but it can be tough to overcome that first lean back from the top as it requires overcoming your body’s natural desire to not be that close to a height, but once you start abseiling you will grow in confidence and soon be zipping down the face.

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