A land of diversity

As a base for an action-packed family adventure, Peru is a country like no other, filled to the brim with a diverse range of landscapes, animals and rare ancient history, ensuring almost limitless experiences. This is a land sure to delight all family members!

At its heart, Peru is a land of diversity, and during our holiday you’ll have the opportunity to explore it all, from the mountainous Andes to the tropical jungle, to the coastal plains and everything in between! Said to be one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, the country is home to over 21,000 species of plants and animals which thrive with the variety of temperatures and altitudes, many of which you will hopefully spot on your travels – from the rainforest birds to the roaming llamas of the mountains.

Peru also enjoys rich multi-ethnicity; its long history of conquest and colony bringing a mix of cultures and traditions that makes the Peruvian culture fascinating to any visitor. On this holiday, however textbooks are not required, as you‘ll spend time exploring the ancient Inca sites on foot, by bike and thrilling zip wire, as well as meeting local communities to find out about their way of life.

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This diversity can also be found in the food available which will add a delicious edge to your travels here. You and your family can wander the bustling streets of Cusco and snack on anticuchos (marinated meat kebabs) or perhaps stop in a café and enjoy ceviche, a famous marinated fish dish.

For families, the diversity of Peru’s landscapes enrich the multitude of activities on offer during your holiday – you can stand amongst the canopies in the rainforest, cycle and zip line across sacred Incan trails, paddle through the lakes and islands and gaze upon some of the world’s most striking ancient monuments as you experience Peru’s fascinating culture and meet its welcoming people.  

Rainforests, rivers and lakes

A holiday to Peru would not be complete without a trip to the Amazon rainforest - a dense tropical environment that covers around 60% of the country. On our holiday your family will explore the rainforest in the same way adventurers have done for centuries as you walk amongst the towering trees and paddle along the rivers, keeping watch for the native creatures that swim, fly, crawl, slither and run here.

The Peruvian section of the rainforest thrives with animal life which frequent clay licks, rivers and oxbow lakes. You’ll climb canopies to be in the treetops, hopefully spotting colourful tropical macaws, parrots and toucans.

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The rainforest comes alive at dawn and dusk so intrepid explorers need to set off early or stay up late to seek out more of the jungle’s quieter creatures. Our caiman search will see you hiking in the evening seeking out the red glow of their eyes on the river’s edge. At night the sounds of the jungle are sure to fascinate as you listen to the croaks of frogs and chirrups of insects.

Complementing your rainforest wanderings, our trips to Peru also include the chance to explore Lake Titicaca, one of South America’s largest lakes. As well as appreciating the natural beauty of the water you will have the chance to explore the lake in an active way, kayaking along the water. From here you can also explore the fascinating Uros Islands – inhabited for centuries and crafted completely from the Totora reeds of the lake. Your family is guaranteed to enjoy a warm welcome from the community here.

An ancient world of treasures

As well as its Incan empire and Spanish conquests, Peru enjoys a much older and mysterious history, home to the ancient Norte Chico civilisation – one of the oldest in the world. It is the Incans who left a more visible mark though and our trips will take you along the sacred trail of the Incas, exploring its highlights.

With its awe-inspiring location and worldwide fame, Machu Picchu of course remains one of the most spectacular archaeological sites of South America and a visit to Peru would not be complete without it.

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As you walk the ceremonial ruins, families will no doubt be won over by its sheer scale. The site itself remained undiscovered for hundreds of years until 1911 and to this day its purpose is shrouded in mystery.

As expected, the ruins of Machu Picchu do attract many interested tourists so our trips also aim to offer smaller, less frequented sights. You can cycle along the ancient site of Moray and travel the sacred valley of the Incas where ancient villages are still remain to this day.

Here is a history which is not just confined to books but one that comes alive in the art, architecture and of course the world famous ancient monuments. It is a history you can see, explore and enjoy on this shared family experience.

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