The Rainbow Nation

Simple words cannot do justice to the diversity of South Africa and the magic that lies within. All images of Africa that stir the imagination can be located in its southernmost country. From the wild and rugged national parks where the ‘Big Five’ roam free to stunning coastal beaches packed with marine life and cosmopolitan cities such as Cape Town which are enthused with colour and vibrancy.

Cape Town itself is nestled amongst the breathtaking Cape Peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain and is often viewed as one of the most picturesque and engaging cities on the planet. The diverse landscapes and exotic beaches are perfect for families in search of adventure and our holiday has made sure to include plenty of magical activities, which will allow you to explore this city and its surroundings in depth. The cape peninsula is dotted with small fishing towns and idyllic beaches. The laid-back town of Kalk Bay offers a contrasting relaxed vibe compared to the hustle and bustle of Cape Town. The town has strong fishing origins and numerous vessels litter the colourful harbour. Cape fur seals can often be found swimming amongst the boats and delighting tourists.

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Beyond the cities lie the very image of Africa. Wild and rugged national parks filled with an astonishing array of wildlife, including the infamous ‘Big Five’ which are the very essence of this continent. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi park is the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa and was once an area of hunting for Zulu kings such as Dingiswayo and Shaka. Our holiday includes an extensive exploration of this exotic wilderness. The park is renowned for its sheer diversity of flora and fauna with a tantalising variety of bird and animal life.

In addition to its landscapes, South Africa is also known for its ethnic and cultural diversity which has resulted in the term ‘Rainbow Nation’. With a turbulent colonial history, South Africa offers a unique blend of European, Asian and indigenous influences which have shaped the land; in addition to age-old African cultures which still survive remarkably intact in rural areas of the country. It is the only nation-state named after its geographic location lying at the southern tip of Africa flanked by the Indian and Atlantic oceans. The cultural diversity, colourful history, majestic wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes serve to create a truly memorable family holiday experience.

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City, Sea and Wilderness

A holiday to South Africa would not be complete without a visit to a game reserve in search of the magical ‘Big Five’ which are the beating heart of Africa and can’t fail to stir the imagination. Lions, African Elephants, Cape Buffalo, Leopards and Rhinos peruse the wilderness in their natural habitat protected from poachers. This holiday offers numerous opportunities to seek out these animals in thrilling adventures at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi and Amakhosi Safari Lodge via safari and also via a thrilling bush walk with knowledgeable and experienced guides. The parks are also home to a magnificent variety of birds and stunning picturesque landscapes offering stunning photo opportunities.

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Wildlife is also in abundance within the exotic seas of the Cape Peninsula. The surroundings of Cape Town itself offers remarkable and contrasting landscapes with Table Mountain looming over the city, idyllic beaches and laid back fishing towns. This holiday aims to allow ample opportunity for exploration with an adventurous treasure hunt along the Atlantic seaboard following in the footsteps of ‘Stan the Strandloper’. The journey will take you 1085 metres above sea level as you take in the panoramic sites of the city below from Table Mountain. The nearby fishing towns offer further wildlife viewing opportunities with local Cape fur seals littering the harbour of Kalk bay and a hidden cove where you can paddle board near a penguin colony.

After an exhilarating tour of the wild landscapes and picturesque bays a trip to the cultural melting point and heart of the ‘Rainbow Nation’, Durban; is an ideal opportunity to experience South Africa’s colonial past and diverse culture.  The last British Bastion which is renowned for its colonial architecture, the picturesque bay and lush botanical gardens offers a truly remarkable insight into South African traditions, beliefs and the growing tolerance for equality for all. A combination of such magical experiences is guaranteed to enhance the imaginations of the whole family and create life lasting memories.


The diversity of this land is immediately apparent on arriving in Cape Town. A colourful and vibrant city with an array of ethnicities and a majestic variety of surrounding landscapes can take one’s breath away. The iconic Table Mountain rises above the city and the picturesque bays are teeming with marine life. Beyond Cape Town is a magical wilderness of grassy plains, lush forest and mysterious wetlands. A land inhabited by age-old tribes such as the Zulu is brimming with mystery and culture.

Amongst the desolate plains lies an astonishing variety of wildlife. Gazing upon lions as they move slowly and majestically amongst the grass, or a hippo as it rises from the water, is almost beyond description. It is a unique opportunity and one that will long live in the memory if you’re lucky enough to witness such a feat.

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Talk of Africa is often dominated by the ‘Big Five’ but the diverse nature of this land ensures that there is also an incredible variety of bird life, species of monkey and wild fauna in addition to other majestic animals associated with Africa, such as the giraffe.

It’s difficult to find words which can truly describe the ‘Rainbow Nation’ and it's diversity but with an often-turbulent colonial history, a remarkable amount of surviving African tribes, exotic landscapes, huge amounts of wildlife and idyllic seas, South Africa simply has everything.

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