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Greta Henderson Monday, 05 June 2017 0 comment

My day trip to Luosto's Amethyst Mine!

The Finns have something like 50 words for different types of snow and you will be able to see a range of types on the way to the amethyst mine - even if you do not know the Finnish words for them yet! On the last stretch of the snowmobile journey from Luosto to the mine, you will find ‘tykky’ in abundance; large chunks of snow frozen onto the trees, to the point that they no longer look like trees and have taken on the persona of alien sculptures creating a science fiction-esk landscape.

IMG 5521 2

The snow is thick on the ground and untouched by human feet and the landscape is worth a visit but you are here to ‘dig yourself rich’ with some amethysts (well perhaps!).

Sheltering from the cold you rush inside to be met with some warm juice handed out by the guide. He tells you about amethysts, beliefs of ailments they may cure, stories and their value and passes around some specimens of the type of thing you may find, as well as some very expensive stones that you would be incredibly lucky to find. After the questions die down you set off to the mine entrance. Although the mine is not underground and simply covered by a roof you get the feeling you are going down to somewhere exciting. Walking down some steps you eventually reach the bottom where there is a large sheltered area. Hand tools are handed out and you start to dig. It is not long before you hear the delighted sounds of the people around you as, what looked like a stone, once dusted off turns out to actually be a beautiful amethyst!

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You tend to become very precious about your own stone - much like the doting owner of a very ugly dog. Once you have one that will fit in the palm of your hand with your fingers closed around it (the size you are allowed to keep), you find one of the guides who will tell you about your amethyst - whether it’s pure and what the colouration tells you.

Nayanee Perera mine luosto

Most people do manage to dig around and find an amethyst. With your treasures tucked away in your pockets you will head back up to the top. Taking pictures of the wondrous landscape before leaving, you will head back to Luosto to compare gems.

Experience Luosto's Amethyst Mine here.

Photography by Greta Henderson and Nayanee Perera (client)

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