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Dawn Kitson Tuesday, 06 October 2015 0 comment

The joy of Nellim in Finland

During my time with Activities Abroad I have visited Nellim twice.

My first experience at this wonderful place was in September, during the Finnish ‘Ruska’ – a time when the trees are a palette of orange and gold and the forest floors are carpeted with mushrooms and berries.

My second time was in the depths of winter, a time when the region comes alive and showcases the most incredible winter scenery. The drive here takes you down quiet winding roads, lined only with trees and the odd wooden cabin. Located on the banks of the frozen Lake Inari, Nellim Wilderness Hotel is warmly welcoming, a charming home-from-home set idyllically in the snow which endlessly covers everything. At this time of year, the sun rises just barely over the horizon, keeping daylight hours to a minimum and bathing the region in unique blue polar light.

Any light that there is however reflects off the snow so it is much lighter than you would think!

The snow also softens any exterior noise so you can truly ‘hear’ the silence, soaking in the unending wilderness and hearing only the soft crunch of snow underfoot.

During my stay I strapped on snowshoes and made my way to the frozen lake, which in the pitch black arctic night, provided the perfect platform to view the panoramic scenery of my surroundings in the moonlight.

Of course the highlight is looking up into the dark arctic sky which goes on forever. I have been lucky enough to travel out to Kruger National Park in South Africa and in the middle of the desert the sky and star scenery was the best I have ever witnessed in my life, but I do think that here, at the other end of the world, in a tiny village in North East Finland, the night sky ran a very close second. Even more so when I saw the faintest steak of green in the sky from the Northern Lights – this slowly began to billow and brighten as the Lights grew brighter and danced across the sky. An unforgettable experience!

Nellim to me is the perfect place to really appreciate not only the vastness of nature, but also the wonderful sense of escapism that it exudes from the second you step outside.

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