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Amy Hope

I am a very lucky girl and I get to visit a lot of wonderful places as part of my job.

Normally the reaction I get from friends and families is of general jealousy and gentle teasing about how hard it is to work in tourism but when I said I was going to Croatia it brought on a wave of blatant begging and pleading to see if they could accompany me and sneak into my suitcase!


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Amy Walkington-Gray

We launched our holiday on Gozo in the summer of 2011 and it has received rave reviews ever since. With previous comments from families leaving comments like:


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Katharina Rogalski

Before I started working for Activities Abroad I’d always preferred a holiday destination with a hot climate. But I was lucky enough to travel with some of my colleagues to Sweden in February and this amazing trip has completely changed my mind.


During our stay we had the chance to try out some activities that we have included in our trips. After touching down in wintery Sweden, we were transferred to the lodge and went straight into the wilds.

We strapped on some snowshoes and made our way with our guide into the snowy forest.

Jono Archer

Day One: After arriving in Father Christmas’s airport (Rovaniemi) in April, oddly I instantly felt festive.IMG 0014

With reindeer Christmas decorations and a snow covered landscape; this could only be mistaken for Lapland.

The guide collected me from the airport and then drove me to Ranua Wildlife Park, which was situated around 1 hour away.  On route the scenery was stunning with brightly painted Scandinavian wooden houses covered in snow, never-ending forests, frozen lakes and clear blue skies.

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Amy Walkington-Gray

Jo and Amy our Product and Sales managers are currently in Finland checking on preparations for our family Christmas holidays.


As they touched down in Rovaniemi it was clear winter had arrived and there was even a couple of inches of snow on the ground making everything look extra special!


Growing up was great. My mum, born and raised in Peru spoke Spanish and my dad spoke Croatian. After graduating from the University of Economy I started working as a guide seven years ago.

Thanks to my parents I am fluent in English, German and Spanish which is great for what I do. 

A big love of nature, travel and sports brought me where I am today. Travelling and trekking through the Croatian mountains, Slovenian and Austrian Alps took me all the way to Argentina, Chile, Patagonia and the Nepal trekking routes. But there is no place like home; my love towards Croatia is borderless.


Katrina Seator

If you were lucky enough to enjoy a family holiday to Jeris or Harriniva in Finnish Lapland over the winter you will be familiar with our Activities Abroad Rep Katrina.Spending the winter season in Lapland, Katrina was on hand to make sure all of our families had a fantastic time.We caught up with Katrina at the end of her first season to find out how it went and here’s what she had to say.


Barry Nolan

Borneo, just a mention of the name conjured up thoughts of Sunday night in front of ‘Wildlife on One’ watching Sir David Attenborough explore the wonders of the natural world in the rain-forest. This was a destination which I had longed to visit for many years and having finally found the right partners to work with I was on my way!


The place is wonderful, I have travelled in South East Asia before and Borneo is certainly different. There was no hassle, no overpowering cities, no maniacal driving that you encounter in some places, just a friendly and relaxed atmosphere from the moment I stepped off the plane.

Borneo did not disappoint me on any level. The accommodation was fabulous with the best breakfast I have ever encountered anywhere in the world at the Shangri La and the flora and fauna surpassed my expectations.

The scuba diving off Kota Kinabalu is wonderful and the perfect place for novices like me to learn as well as satisfying those with experience. The other activities do not disappoint either, jungle mountain biking was a huge thrill.

Barry Nolan

I have done so many of our family activity holidays so picking one favourite activity is pretty tough.


Ultimately however, 40km of whitewater rafting in Spain’s Pyrenees has to be the winner.  Rafting rivers in summer in Europe can sometimes just have enough water to be called true rafting, but the Noguera Pallaresa always delivers in July and August as it always has the fallback of a quick call to the dam for the release of water.

Barry Nolan

I have a problem with rafting on the River Soca (pronounced “sotcha), basically, I find it very hard to concentrate on the actual job in hand i.e. paddling.

The reason is that the Soca and indeed, the Soca Valley are as beautiful as anywhere I’ve ever travelled.

I’ve visited this peaceful and idyllic valley with its towering mountain scenery, alpine meadows and fast-flowing emerald green river more than 20 times and it has only once disappointed. Unfortunately, on that occasion it poured with rain all weekend just when we were accompanied by a BBC crew who struggled valiantly to capture the timeless wonder of this striking river valley.

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